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What Clients Say - Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy with Alex has helped me change my life around. Now I'm able to apply myself to most situations without worrying about anything. Using hypnotherapy has changed my outlook on life and thought process. I'm a much happier person. Thank you Alex.

Carl, Swindon

"I highly recommend Alex's hypnotherapy sessions. I have been having hypnotherapy sessions with Alex and her calm and supportive nature puts me quickly at ease. I have found the information, relaxation CD and help that she has given me have all been extremely useful and have reduced my anxiety levels. The sessions have worked brilliantly and I feel so much more positive than I did previously." Lucy, Swindon.

"Alex has come into my life and made a huge difference. I started to see Alex because I had completely lost all motivation to do anything for myself. I am a typical, busy, working mum and wife, putting everyone else first. I would end each day reprimanding myself for not being more careful about my food choices and yet again another day without any form of exercise.

I am a very enthusiastic new member of many an exercise class, but usually find every excuse under the sun to stop attending after only a few sessions. I want results without the effort! Of course this is not going to happen and this is where Alex has made a huge difference. I listened regularly to her very relaxing CD as well as seeing her. By my fourth hypnotherapy session with Alex, I had become an active member of a local gym. I go most days for an hour and I have changed my eating habits and lost 10 lbs to date. I see my old self gradually returning, not just physically but also emotionally. I am completely focused on taking charge of my mind and body. I am already enjoying a much needed general feeling of well being. Even recent bad news did not affect my determination; as I have been able maintain a positive status quo. Alex has been supportive, encouraging and never judgemental, giving the perfect mix to revive and sustain positive happy results. Many thanks Alex! !" Dee, Swindon.

'I visited Alex after I began experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks, which stopped me from driving and came on when I was in groups, particularly at work. I was also worried whether I'd be able to make a speech at my wedding. After seeing Alex I've successfully delivered my speech, am far more comfortable in groups, and am regularly driving on long motorway journeys. Hypnotherapy really worked for me. If you suffer from anxiety I'd definitely recommend giving it a go.' Simon, Swindon

“Due to my upcoming IVF treatment and a deep fear of needles, I decided to see Alex for Hypnotherapy. I had some reservations, but decided to be open minded, as anything to help with my phobia would be a plus. Well, I am so glad I did! Before, whenever there was mention of needles – for injections or blood tests, I would feel my heart pounding, my palms would get sweaty, I would be nervously shaking, in tears, and feeling nauseous. I certainly couldn’t go for an appointment alone!! After 4 sessions with Alex, the fear has totally gone! I am on day 3 of injecting myself (!!), and it feels as natural as putting toothpaste on my toothbrush. I am able to handle 2 different sized needles, draw up my medication with a syringe, and inject myself without any worries or concerns (or tears). I certainly don’t have any of the issues I have had before. I am 100% confident, that this is down to the help Alex provided, and the faith she had in me. I cannot Thank Alex enough for her help! " Teri, Swindon.

I saw you for 3 sessions about my fear of flying. Although I am still not a fan of flying, I am no longer completely scared of getting on a plane. I am pleased to say I have been able to travel to Belgium, Dubai and Canada without feeling scared or extremely anxious. I would like to thank you for what you have done for me as it has been a huge help and allowed me to continue to play wheelchair basketball at a high level. I am pleased to say that during our time in Canada, we won the gold medal at the U23 World Championships. Thank you again for everything you have done! I will certainly be recommending you to any family or friends who may experience similar situations. Many Thanks, Ben, Swindon

Thanks to the hypnotherapy sessions with you (Alex) I am more positive, feeling motivated and actually hitting the gym twice a week. My weight is starting to drop off and I’m feeling more confident. Your calm, professional, non-judgmental approach was exactly what I needed. It really helped that you carefully explained the science behind the approach so that I could understand my actions and recognise why I was reacting in certain ways. Finally so much of what I’d been going through made sense! Thank you – I’m sure I’ll be back for top-ups.` Marie, Swindon

"I didn’t know much about hypnotherapy before my sessions with Alex. She reassured me and explained some basics about how the brain, emotions and memory work. I felt that I was in a calm and trusted environment and Alex enabled me to relax. During hypnosis I felt awake but very relaxed and as I listened to Alex talking, I could visualise what she was saying and focus my mind on the positives. The hypnotherapy enabled a level of relaxation that we don’t usually let ourselves have time for. The sessions were deeply relaxing and very positive and I have overcome negative feelings and worries and instead ‘train’ myself to focus positively on the future." Penny, Swindon.

What Clients Say -Reflexology

"I just wanted to thank you again for my reflexology treatment last night. I woke up this morning without backache across my shoulders and can only imagine its a benefit of your treatment as I can't remember the last time I wasn't stiff when I woke up. My mind also feels clearer and I am more relaxed." TC, Swindon

I decided to have a course of reflexology to help the healing process following an operation. I had also been doing a large amount of exercise and wanted to take this opportunity to have a good rest and recover well before starting out again. When I first met Alex it was clear that she understood my reasons for consulting her and over the course of treatment was responsive to my needs and requests when treating me. I have recovered really well which I am sure was improved by the reflexology and I enjoyed the experience so much that I am continuing to have monthly treatments to enable me to maintain good health. I would thoroughly recommend both Alex and reflexology. Hannah, Old Town.

"I came to Alex last year as I suffer really bad with hayfever. I heard that reflexology can help with the symptoms. This is my second year with Alex and already after 2 treatments it has really helped to cancel out the symptoms. Last summer I was able to enjoy being outside in the sun without worrying about hayfever. Also I was experiencing stress and anxiety with my personal life. I was experiencing sleepless nights because of this, and with doing shift work. I found that reflexology helped me relax and to cope with stress. Also to be able to sleep at night again was just amazing, So I would definitely recommend this treatment if you experience any of these. The treatment is very relaxing and highly rewarding so many thanks to Alex." Natalie, Swindon

"I would highly recommend the reflexology treatment offered by Alex. The treatments were non-invasive but effective in providing relief from pain. She uses quality products and I noticed incremental improvements during the sessions I had. I also experienced relaxation benefits which increased my well-being." Ian, West Swindon.

"Since having reflexology with Alex I have felt a general improvement in my health, particularly some longstanding problems. The sessions are also very relaxing and give a feeling of wellbeing." Carole, Swindon

What Clients Say -Women's Health

"What a lovely treat with Alex at Old Town Reflexology. 5 years ago I had a course of reflexology as part of a training program and really felt the benefits. Since then I have tried various reflexology treatments at spas or as part of packages and to be honest always felt let down until now. Those were more just like a foot massage, and though pleasant, did not seem to have the benefits of what I would call a 'proper' reflexology session. I have had a session of treatments with Alex and have to say have felt rejuvenated after each session - and there really is that whoosh feeling letting your issues go when she gets those pressure points.

Really good for balancing out the effects of stress and menopause. Pleasant location with easy parking. If you think you would benefit from reflexology then I would certainly recommend Alex Viggers as your chosen therapist." Shirley, Blunsdon

"Since seeing Alex for monthly reflexology treatments my PMS symptoms are now under control and it’s a great relief not to dread my monthly menstrual cycle. Alex has a holistic approach and adapts each treatment to best suit how I feel on the day. Her knowledge, carefully considered treatment approach and her ability to get results has been invaluable – it works! I always feel better after each session. Thank you for caring as you do." Alison, Swindon

"I'm usually a positive active person, however, as the menopause started to kick in during my late 40's I gradually started to realise that I wasn't in control of myself and my life as I usually am and at times inexplicably emotional or stressed and feeling like I couldn't cope. So I started a course of weekly treatments with Alex to help balance my hormones. The effect was subtle and very natural but it made a huge difference in what I can only describe as feeling balanced again. Thanks Alex." Emma, Swindon

I have been coming to Alex for reflexology as I have been trying for a baby for over a year. The reflexology is very relaxing and Alex has been very supportive and knowledgeable. After my reflexology I always feel calmer and more balanced. I would recommend this to anyone! Thank you Alex. Rachel, Swindon

"The first few months of pregnancy were really hard for me. I was vomiting all day, every day and was bed ridden for the first few months. The sickness eventually settled but then I started suffering from awful heartburn, indigestion and bloating. I really wanted to enjoy my pregnancy, get back to work and feel a bit more myself again. Reflexology has always interested me and after doing a bit of research I decided to get in contact with Alex. I am so glad I did.

After the first session I really noticed a difference - as well as feeling more relaxed and happy, I noticed my symptoms seemed easier and I didn't feel as unwell. After each session I continued to notice an improvement on that same day, as well as the week after. Now, 6 weeks later I'm hardly needing any medication, I'm back at work and I'm finally able to enjoy my pregnancy! I'm so glad I decided to contact Alex and would highly recommend to all the other Mum's-to-be who need some symptom management or even just for a relaxing treatment. I am now a much happier Mum-to-be!" Emily, Old Town

"Pregnancy comes with its fair share of positives and negatives but one thing for sure is that you have to allow time for yourself. I have found reflexology incredibly beneficial throughout my pregnancy on both a well being level and it has also helped to relieve some of those pregnancy niggles. This relaxing treatment has been particularly useful for alleviating my painful and swollen legs and feet and has meant that I am not confined to having to wear slippers all day! Allowing myself an hour a week to focus on my baby and me has given us time to connect without the other distractions that come with day to day life. Your body goes through such a huge change through 9 months of pregnancy and reflexology has helped both to calm and soothe the transition through those months, leaving my body feeling energised, refreshed and ready for the next stage of my life." Lisa, Royal Wootton Bassett